(In Development) Fleak is kind and helpful but a bit temperamental creature from a colorful and goofy dimension called Fleakland. Fleak and its best friends, a hyperactive fly JoeJoe and quite slow and pessimistic Morphy strive to get familiar with our world. Their...READ MORE

Niko – The New Adventures

(In Development) Anima has a children comedy series in development. The series tells a story about a young flying reindeer boy Niko and his colourful set of friends in snowy Lappish wilderness. New exciting adventures await as well as the challenges of daily...READ MORE

Little Dudesons

(In Development) Little Dudesons is a co-production between Anima Vitae & Rabbit Films. Four best friends, Little Dudesons, have gotten bored with the adult world’s principles and they decide to solve everyday chores with their hilarious imaginative gags and...READ MORE

Daily Ape Show

The Daily Ape Show series made for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai. “The Daily Ape Show Specials” tells us all we need to know about Finland and the Finnish way of life. Our beloved ape journalists Pekka and Mauri are reporting directly from Shanghai. Anima used its...READ MORE

Jefferson Anderson (Pasila)

Pasila is an animated police series where excentric inspector Jefferson Anderson fights the crimes in this witty comedy spiced with dark humour. The series has already run 6 full seasons by the Finnish Broadcaster YLE. The computer-animated sitcom portrays a satirical...READ MORE