Wrapping up the year 2015

It’s time to wrap up the year and wish Happy Holidays to all of our friends! Let’s take a quick look on what our year 2015 included. Our main projects in 2015 have been Fleak, Hugo and Julia & PAL.


FLEAK (series)

Fleak is our newest pre-school series in development. Fleak is kind and helpful but a bit temperamental creature from a colorful and goofy dimension called Fleakland. Fleak and its best friends, a hyperactive fly JoeJoe and quite slow and pessimistic Morphy strive to get familiar with our world. Their funny expeditions to our world usually lead up to a disagreements but luckily these cute little fellows are as good at settling their disputes as coming up with them.


Fleak news in 2015:

More Fleak related news:


HUGO (feature)

We are developing a family feature animation called “HUGO – The World’s Worst Comeback” together with Einstein Film. Hugo was a sensation in the 90s and it became the number one family entertainment game show on national TV in 40 countries watched by over 400 million people. The animation feature will tell a true story of the comeback of the former TV game show superstar.

Hugo news in 2015:

More Hugo related news:

Julia & PAL (feature)


When clever yet lonely, ten years old Julia, is rescued to space by her toy bunny Buck, she finds out that Saturn is inhabited by Plush Animal League, whose agents keep track of all the children in the world. Buck shows Julia that things will get better. The new self-esteem is tested, when Julia is assigned to save Buck and the Plush Animal League from a dictatorial toy factory owner, who wants to destroy children´s ability to love.

In a nutshell
Genre: Comedy Target
Audience: Family
Format: 3D stereo animation feature, 75min
Status: Development
Production: Anima Vitae

 Julia & PAL news in 2015:

We wish you a joyful and happy holiday season!

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