Wrapping up the year 2014

It’s time to wrap up the year 2014 and wish Happy Holidays to all of our friends! Let’s take a quick look on what our colourful year included. Our main projects in 2014 have been Fleak, Hugo, Niko and Rovio’s Stella:


FLEAK (series)

Fleak is our newest pre-school series in development. Fleak is a sympathetic but very temperamental bug from another dimension. Fleak and his best friends, hyperactive fly JoeJoe and rather passive and pessimistic creature Morphy, live in the colorful and goofy Fleakland. Together they encounter the tiny hurdles of everyday life and make giant discoveries: learning something new every day.

Fleak news in 2014:



HUGO (feature)

We are developing a family feature animation called “HUGO – The World’s Worst Comeback” together with Einstein Film. Hugo was a sensation in the 90s and it became the number one family entertainment game show on national TV in 40 countries watched by over 400 million people. The animation feature will tell a true story of the comeback of the former TV game show superstar.

Hugo news in 2014:


NNA copy_730

NIKO (series)

Niko’s journey began in the film Niko & The Way To The Stars (2008). The worldwide success of the first film led to a sequel Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble (2012). The TV-series http://www.anima.fi/series/niko-the-new-adventures/ continues from the end of the sequel introducing new friends, getting to know the familiar characters in full scale and expanding Niko’s engaging universe in general.

Niko news in 2014:



STELLA (series)

We were very proud for being chosen by Rovio among several international, top-of-the-line animation studios to work in cooperation on their animation series Stella. Stella’s first episode premiered to the world on November 1st on the ToonsTV channel.

We wish you a joyful and happy holiday season!

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