One night to premiere!

Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble will soon be in theaters in Finland followed by Germany, Denmark and France. It’s funny how excited you’ll get of seeing the film even you’ve worked with it for many years and seen it hundreds of times – from the first rough cut to the final version. Still… when you sit among the audience you’ll get nervous. Will they like it? Why is that boy fiddling his phone and not watching the film? Why do those two girls talk? Aren’t they interested? Hey! There was a joke! Why I didn’t hear any laughter?

Luckily we’ve already had lots of press screenings. Hannu (producer-scriptwriter) and Kari (director) made a two week tour around Finland and met journalists, theaters owners, schoolkids and so on. And the feedback from them has been wonderful! The reviews have been really positive and kids and their parents seem to genuinely like our film. And this is what we hear from other countries as well.

So, I shouldn’t really be that nervous. Nothing to worry about: “No nervous to be reason, I mean no reason to be nervous”, as Julius The Flying Squirrel would put it. But you just can’t help it! I still have to reserve my right to bite my fingernails before the premiere.

Antti Haikala,
Producer/ Editor

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