Little Dudesons to Cartoon Forum 2013

Great news! Our new project Little Dudesons got selected to the next Cartoon Forum. The forum will be held in September in beautiful Toulouse, France.

Anima is proud to develop the animated series Little Dudesons with a great Finnish visionary in international TV business, the award-winning Rabbit Films. The company is known for the Dudesons brand. The Dudesons TV show has been aired in more than 150 countries. Dudesons are four best lifetime friends: Jukka, Jarno, Jarppi and HP. At the moment the Dudesons brand is the second biggest youth brand in Finland right after Angry Birds.

In the development of Little Dudesons Anima and Rabbit Films are keeping the positive anarchy of Dudesons. Adding some fresh and colorful animation style into the concept brings special flavour into tricks and pranks to entertain the families’ younger kids.

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