Fleak mobile games

During spring 2015 we were happy to collaborate with Metropolia to produce small-scale Fleak mobile games. Anima has a long history with Metropolia because many Metropolia students have been conducting their internship period in Anima’s studio – including one of the Metropolia teachers too.

It is always great to collaborate with fresh new talents since it’s a process where everyone learns something – usually students learn from our long experience in animation industry and we learn from the students some new approaches with fresh thinking.

The games were made during a Metropolia course called “Innovation project”. Teachers wanted that the course includes 3D animation studies and for that reason Anima was a perfect match for the course.

Three funny small games were made during the spring 2015. We all had a lot of fun and we learned plenty about the mobile game project and multiple ways to integrate 3D animation into games.

We aim to soft launch the first colorful Fleak game in spring 2016. Stay tuned!


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