Cartoon Movie 2014 summary

The trolls are back in Finland and Denmark! A huge amount of troll power was released in Lyon, France in last week. Cartoon Movie 2014 was a great success for Hugo. People loved our Hugo presentation and the troll ears. We had many fruitful meetings and lots of fun. Again, Cartoon did an awesome job producing such an well-organized event.

This year’s Cartoon Movie had 750 participants from 40 countries. Four of the total 59 projects were from Finland – this was a great effort from the Finnish animation industry, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Hugo was proud to be part of this year’s Cartoon Movie 2014 selection.

“For two days, producers have the opportunity to pitch their film project in order to speed up financing, find co-producers and interest international distributors.”

“Since its creation in 1999, 215 films found financing, representing a total budget of 1.5 billion EUR.”

(Photo by Valerie de Halleux / CARTOON)

Behind this link you can watch Euronews’ short TV report on Cartoon Movie 2014. Don’t forget to check out also these beautiful photos nicely covering the 16th Cartoon Movie event.

Now it’s time to get our troll ears ready to take the next steps on the path of Hugo movie’s journey.

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