Cartoon Forum 2014 summary

Cartoon Forum, Europe’s biggest pitching & co-production forum for animated TV projects, celebrated its silver anniversary this year. The event attracted more than 850 industry professionals (regardless of the Air France strike) including producers, broadcasters, distributors and investors. Also Fleak‘s director and producer packed their suitcases and headed to Toulouse, France since Anima had qualified to pitch the Fleak series.


“We arrived to Toulouse, France with a good Fleak spirit because we had just a day before Cartoon Forum received very positive news: Fleak got development support from The Finnish Film Foundation. Our pitch was right away on the first day. It went well and people congratulated us for the delightful concept and fresh look of the series. We also got very useful and instructive feedback on how we can develop the story and the world even more. The remaining two and a half days we spent in 1-to-1 meetings with really interesting and potential partners. We also checked out how other producers delivered their pitch – you can always learn a lot from presentations of others.”

The autumn is starting here in Finland and now it’s time to continue on working with the character development, scripts and the pilot episode of Fleak. There is a lot to be done but who wouldn’t love to work with the kind yet temperamental creature from another dimension. From Tiny Hurdles to Giant Discoveries!



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