AnimaPoint was kickstarted in mid-July 2013 – half a year earlier than planned. Things are happening fast at the moment. The animation studio is a joint venture between Anima Vitae, Finland, and Creative Media Point, Malaysia. The studio is based in Kuala Lumpur and its pipeline is built on production line technology developed by Anima.

It has been a super busy and interesting summer for us. Anima Vitae’s founder Jani “Kurre” Kuronen has been in Kuala Lumpur since February and three other Anima superstars also travelled to Kuala Lumpur during the summer to set up the brand new studio’s pipeline. We have also recruited some supervisor level staff to work with the pipeline and everyday tasks of setting up the studio.


AnimaPoint creates international animated films and series with passion and a unique approach. As a company AnimaPoint strives to be innovative, nurture new fresh ideas and employ artists and technical personnel side by side. As the home of other super-talented artists and technicians, AnimaPoint is the place where you truly can make an impact with your work, ideas and craftmanship.

Currently AnimaPoint is in a heavy R&D program to create a fluent and unique pipeline for animated features. Our industry ready training program, “Apprentice program”, starts in October 2013. Apprentice program includes training for Animation and Layout, Asset artists and Lighting/Compositing artists. AnimaPoint is also hiring supervisor level staff. At the moment we are looking for Lighting Lead. We will be hiring artists earliest at the end of the year.

We are waiting for the opportunity to tell you more magnificent news about AnimaPoint’s next projects soon. Until then, please find out more about open job and apprentice positions on AnimaPoint’s website. Also, remember to share the information about these great opportunities to your friends.

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