Anima hired a visionary Creative Director

Year 2013 started very well for Anima. We received a confirmation that one of the top talents in animation industry, Mikko Pitkänen, is joining our team as a Creative Director.

“Anima offered a skydive without a parachute. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” – Mikko Pitkänen

Mikko breathes for challenges. Especially now, when Anima expands to Asia and strengthens its network in Hollywood, we need super talents with the right kind of attitude.

You have seen Mikko’s work in legendary commercials such as Paulig and VR and also in the heartwarming award-winning Niko features. Above is Mikko’s showreel from 2010.

Everyone here in Anima is very pleased to get Mikko in our team and we welcome him with big smiles on our faces. Here are few quotes from some Anima leaders:

Mikko is back! Even the biggest compliments couldn’t be enough to describe the talent Mikko has.
Jani Kuronen / Founder, COB, Partner

Many industry leaders wanted to get Mikko’s talent into their studio, but Mikko chose the world’s best anima vitae, Anima Vitae, and we are most grateful for that.
– Petteri Pasanen / CEO, Producer, Partner

This is excellent news!
– Olli Rajala / Lead Technical Director, Co-Founder, Partner

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