Anima’s Fleak wins at Cartoon Movie

Finnish animation studio Anima Vitae's (Niko and the Way to the Stars, Moominvalley) animated feature film project Fleak has won the Eurimages Co-production Award at the 22nd edition of Cartoon...READ MORE

Third Niko movie in the making

Popular 3D animated movies about a young reindeer boy Niko are getting a sequel. The Finnish Film Foundation has allotted a scriptwriting grant for our movie project with working title Niko 3....READ MORE

Fleak at Annecy Festival

Anima's Producer Antti Haikala attended Annecy Internationl Animation Film Festival and the International Animation Film Market (Mifa) in Annecy, France 10-15 June 2019 presenting Anima's feature...READ MORE

Moominvalley dominates Yle Areena

Moominvalley is now officially the most-watched TV show ever on Yle Areena on-demand service in Finland. Read more about the record breaking viewer numbers here (the article is in...READ MORE

Anima at FMX 2019

Antti Haikala, producer & COO at Anima Vitae, talked about the development of Moominvalley, from concept to the innovative new CG animated series, at FMX 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. Moominvalley...READ MORE

Moominvalley gets a global distributor

Award-winning distributor PGS Entertainment is now global distributor (excluding Finland, U.K., Japan, China & South Korea) for Moominvalley, the new TV adaptation of Finnish writer/artist Tove...READ MORE

Anima pitched Fleak at Cartoon Movie 2018

Anima's feature film project Fleak was selected to be pitched at Cartoon Movie 2018. Producer Antti Haikala travelled to Bordeaux, France to present the project to the audience consisting of movie...READ MORE

Anima to work on TV series Moominvalley

Gutsy Animations, the Finnish production company behind MOOMINVALLEY, has appointed Anima Vitae as the animation studio for its first two series which will feature 13 episodes each. Gutsy...READ MORE

ANIMA goes APE in Cannes

Once again Cannes – here we come! This year we go APE. Our Cannes Film Market 2016 is fulfilled with China seminar and speed dating, financing seminar, virtual reality besides one-to-one...READ MORE

Hong Kong FILMART 2016

The 20th edition of Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) just ended. 800 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions took part. On one topic there seems to be a consensus...READ MORE

Cartoon Movie 2016

Our Cartoon Movie visit was great and inspiring this year. Cartoon events succeed continuously to present animation on it's full wide scale and the events doesn't exhibit only animation projects for...READ MORE

Berlin EFM 2016

Anima visited EFM once again. This time 90% of Anima's meetings in Berlin were related to China. Bridging the Dragon and the European Film Market organised the first Sino-European Production...READ MORE

Wrapping up the year 2015

It's time to wrap up the year and wish Happy Holidays to all of our friends! Let's take a quick look on what our year 2015 included. Our main projects in 2015 have been Fleak, Hugo and Julia &...READ MORE

Development support for Fleak

Great news! The Finnish Film Foundation has granted a development support for Fleak yet again. This is already the third time as FFF supported Fleak so they really like the project and we appreciate...READ MORE

Anima is starting co-operation in Tokyo

Anima’s red t-shirt looks good in Japan too. Anima has been looking for designers and production artists in Asia for our Julia&PAL feature. Now it is happening with Japan. This all started...READ MORE

Fleak mobile games

During spring 2015 we were happy to collaborate with Metropolia to produce small-scale Fleak mobile games. Anima has a long history with Metropolia because many Metropolia students have been...READ MORE

Fleak to Animation Production Day 2015

We are very proud to announce that Fleak has been selected for Animation Production Day 2015. The Animation Production Day, hosted by FMX and ITFS, is a business platform for the international...READ MORE

Fleak at Digital Biscuit

Fleak's director, Antti, visited Digital Bisquit 2015 in Ireland. We were happy to receive an invitation to this interesting film and technology forum which was packed up with interesting...READ MORE

Wrapping up the year 2014

It's time to wrap up the year 2014 and wish Happy Holidays to all of our friends! Let's take a quick look on what our colourful year included. Our main projects in 2014 have been Fleak, Hugo, Niko...READ MORE

Anima at Asia TV Forum 2014

We attended Asia TV Forum between 9-12 December. Anima's main producer Petteri Pasanen was presenting our projects (Fleak / Hugo / Niko) at Finnanimation's booth D35. During the week we got also...READ MORE

Niko 1 – CBS’s Annual Holiday Favorite

Niko 1 a.k.a. The Flight before Christmas was one of the winners on CBS's thanksgiving week in USA. "CBS's annual holiday favorites Frosty The Snowman, Yes, Virginia, The Flight before Christmas...READ MORE

Cartoon Forum 2014 summary

Cartoon Forum, Europe's biggest pitching & co-production forum for animated TV projects, celebrated its silver anniversary this year. The event attracted more than 850 industry professionals...READ MORE

Fleak got development support

Yet another great news for Fleak! The Finnish Film Foundation has granted a development support for our new animated series - Fleak. The timing is perfect because we are heading this week to Cartoon...READ MORE

Fleak to Cartoon Forum 2014

Let us introduce you to Fleak! Fleak is Anima's new series in development and we are so proud to announce that it has been accepted by the Selection Committee to be presented during the Cartoon...READ MORE

Anima at Annecy

Today Anima's producers arrived in Annecy. We are at MIFA from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th. This is one of the animation industry's top events in Europe and nowadays people visit the animation...READ MORE

AnimaPoint celebrated it’s 1st birthday

In 2013 Anima set up its second animation studio, AnimaPoint, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in cooperation with a local partner Creative Media Point. The animation studio is based on a production line...READ MORE

Niko 2 – Best-selling Finnish DVD/Blu-ray

According to The Finnish Film Distributors' Association's fresh report Niko 2 was the best-selling Finnish DVD/Blu-ray in 2013! In Finland the animation feature is distributed by Nordisk...READ MORE

Visiting China

Anima's CEO Petteri Pasanen made a short visit to Beijing. Now that Anima's joint venture studio AnimaPoint is up and running in Malaysia, there are lots of collaboration possibilities also in other...READ MORE

Niko 2’s DVD and Blu-ray release in Finland

It's time to celebrate – Niko 2 has just been released in DVD and Blu-ray here in Finland! Support the flying reindeer and his awesome friends by sharing these excellent...READ MORE

Niko 2 sold to multiple territories

German sales group closed deals across Europe and Asia for the 3D animated films Niko 2 and Richard the Stork. "Niko 2 sold to Metrodome in the U.K.; Chinese distributor Flame; Intersonic/Abbey Road...READ MORE


AnimaPoint was kickstarted in mid-July 2013 – half a year earlier than planned. Things are happening fast at the moment. The animation studio is a joint venture between Anima Vitae, Finland, and...READ MORE

Tokyo Kinder Film Festival 2013

Great news from 21st Tokyo Kinder Film Festival! Niko 2 - Little Brother, Big Trouble won the Grand Prix of the best film in feature section! The award was selected by their kinder jurors. The staff...READ MORE

Cartoon Movie Tributes 2013 nomination

Great news! Anima Vitae and Cinemaker have been nominated for Cartoon Movie Tributes 2013 in the category “European Producer of the Year”. We got this honour for our fantastic success with Niko 2...READ MORE

Anima hired a visionary Creative Director

Year 2013 started very well for Anima. We received a confirmation that one of the top talents in animation industry, Mikko Pitkänen, is joining our team as a Creative Director. “Anima offered a...READ MORE

Niko 2 Gala Evening

Time flies. Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble launched here in Finland almost a month ago. By 31th October we had 100k viewers and now in November it’s time for some bigger countries such as...READ MORE

One night to premiere!

Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble will soon be in theaters in Finland followed by Germany, Denmark and France. It’s funny how excited you’ll get of seeing the film even you’ve worked with...READ MORE

Niko flies into AppStore

Now it is also possible to take part in Niko’s adventures with mobile game. Niko 2 game is downloadable from App Store. In the official mobile game of Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble the...READ MORE

Nordic TD Forum

Anima is one of the proud founders of the Nordic TD Forum. Now, after two annual conferences and one Stereoscopic seminar, we can say that the forum has successfully increased the know-how and...READ MORE

The president of Finland visited Anima

President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen visited Anima Vitae to meet Finnish animation professionals and to get acquaited with the industry. Present were also animation producers Jyrki...READ MORE