HUGO – The World’s Worst Comeback

Anima is developing a feature animation project called "HUGO – The World's Worst Comeback". Hugo was a sensation in the 90s and it became the number one family entertainment game show on national TV in 40 countries watched by over 400 million people. Anima...READ MORE

Julia & PAL

(In Development) When clever yet lonely, ten years old Julia, is rescued to space by her toy bunny Buck, she finds out that Saturn is inhabited by Plush Animal League, whose agents keep track of all the children in the world. Buck shows Julia that things will get...READ MORE

Niko & The Way to the Stars

Niko & The Way to the Stars is an adventure tale about a young reindeer boy Niko´s quest to find his absent father, whom he believes to be a member of the world famous Santa´s Elite Flying Forces. Niko sets out to Lappish winter wilderness to find his flying hero...READ MORE

Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble

Niko, a young reindeer boy, secretly wishes his mom and his hero dad from Santa’s world famous Flying Forces would get back together so they could be a real family - something they have never been. One day mom springs the news on Niko; she’s met a guy, an ordinary...READ MORE

The Magic Crystal

Does Santa deliver the presents to kids all around the world? And does he really have a twin brother? These questions will be answered during this adventure where an orphan boy called Yotan finds his dreams and fears come true. The Magic Crystal is a co-production...READ MORE